Jan. 8, 2021

Surviving and Thriving, 40 years strong with TerriLynn Phillips

Surviving and Thriving, 40 years strong with TerriLynn Phillips
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32 - Terrilynn is a mother of three, grandmother of 14 and is the Chief Fortitude Offier (CEO) of SWF Consulting (Success with Fortitude).

SWF provides services that bridge the administrative gap of entrepreneurial growing pains. The company provides  Virtual assistance, bookkeeping, business consulting and life coaching. With 40 years of experience she has built a phenomenal network. If she cannot do it for you, she can definitely find you someone who can.

Terrilynn is also the host of C.H.A.O.S podacst. (Create Habits and Outstanding Success). She has a successful Virtual Assistance course and is also a frequent speaker.

VA Course: http://successwithfortitude.com/va-course/

Services: www.swfconsulting.com

Bookkeeping: https://swfbookkeeping.com/

Contact Terri at terri@swfconsulting.com or
Chat with Terri at https://letsmeet.io/terrilynnphillips/chat-with-terrilynn