April 23, 2021

Hacking and giving back with Julie Sundar

Hacking and giving back with Julie Sundar
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In her own words:

My name is Julie Sundar and I am chairwoman of Codettes Foundation. 

I am an operational manager, curriculum developer and trainer.

I am 26 years old, born on December 8 1994 in Georgetown Guyana but raised in Paramaribo Suriname.

My passion has always been about women empowerment, because I came out of poverty and I have had first hand experience on how hard it was for women to have a fair chance in the ICT world.

My motto has always been if I was able to do it so can you! 

I believe that the only way to have meaning in life is to give back and help others.

Always be on the lookout for opportunities because if you are not constantly on the lookout you might miss the open doors.

Codettes mission is to inspire, bring awareness to and educate women in innovation and ict.

Codettes vision is striving to become the pivotal player in the regional Innovation Ecosystem specifically for building women's skills towards innovation and tech entrepreneurship. 

Codettes runs 3 months to 1 year sponsored programs teaching ladies from ages 14 to 50 Introduction to Advanced levels of Electronics Programming  Digital Fabrication  Business Modeling and Investor ready pitches.

My biggest dream is to scale regional and to build an innovation school in Suriname!

Youtube: codettes org
Twitter : @SundarJulie
Codette Minute with Julie
Instagram: codettesorg