Nov. 19, 2020

Finding your purpose with Sarah Millan

Finding your purpose with Sarah Millan
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27 - I am Sarah Millan, Proud Owner of a fantastic community of growing Womxn,  Soul Collective YYC.
I am A Conscious Consultant.

I guide, focus back attention on and engage you to consider not just the lifestyle around you but the reason you choose them at all. This helps you come deeper inside of you to consider your purpose and direction by asking the question; why do I get in my own way?!

 I teach you how to empower yourself from the inside out, one real practical meets spiritual pivot in life at a time. I demystify meditation, mindfulness and inner work and bring it all back to real-life practical approach with humour and real check-ins. Seriously, if I can do it, so can you. Mom of 2, entrepreneur, pragmatic, practical gal who ran around a long time with my hair on fire only to learn because I am innate a worrier and lived with anxiety that there has to be another way. My journey wasn't an aha moment, it an 'oh crap one', and that's perfect for what is real life! Wouldn't you say? So, if you want real, if you want the truth, if you want fun along with deeper chats in the same space, I'm here. I'm a safe space, I m a real space and I am someone who went from surviving my life to thriving it.

Let me show you how to discover the true you and take back your life. 

Peace, Empowerment and Freedom are an inside job first. Join me, because someone out there on the planet believes in you more than you could believe in yourself. That is a powerful start! Start now, start with you, start within.

Check out for my Intuition challenge and find out how you can trust yourself more, discover the deepest you and realign back to your spark, your Soulful life is waiting for you!