May 30, 2021

Breaking generational curses with Evie Prete

Breaking generational curses with Evie Prete

Evie Prete is a chingona born and brought up in Southern California but her mother came over from Mexico. Even though money was tight, education was important and Evie was the first one in her family to go to college. In this episode Evie talks about being the only one of two women of color in her college engineering class, finding the courage to leave an abusive relationship and starting her own business. This is her story.

Evie is a Chingona helping people tap into their inner dopeness. She works with people who desire to break generational curses. She provides the tools and education to optimize their budgets, as well as help advocate for them in salary negotiations.

Her goal is to help individuals who are also “first in their families” by providing them with tools and education to navigate areas like,  career development, creating generational wealth, starting a white collar job and prioritizing mental health.

 As an engineer transitioning to entrepreneurship, she’s been featured on Chisme that Matters, Ponte Truchas STEMX and Gladiatrix.

She is the digital creator behind @lamalamujerblog on Instagram. She’s also the designer and founder of @MalaMujerFightwear.


IG: @lamalamujerblog


IG: @malamujerfightwear