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A much-needed voice in this sphere

We need more Malinis! The interviews are fun and for someone like me, who loves to learn about people from all over the world, this podcast is a gem. This is the type of material we need to bring us closer together and discover our common humanity. Malini is a great listener and interviewer. We need her voice and the voices of all the women she interviews. This is what it means to tell our stories and remind the world of our strengths. Truly. Women do hold up half the sky.

Malini is such a relatable, real speaker!

It’s so amazing to see a South Asian WOC creating relevant content. Thank you for your unique perspective.

Amazing stories

Amazing stories from all over the world. It’s so interesting to hear all the different perspectives. Great podcast ♥️

Glad to listen

It is very awesome to listen to empower ed strong women. Definitely helps with some motivation direly needed

Yep...Hear us Roar!

Have listened to every one and love the diversity of topics and strength behind each woman paving her path. Keep it coming.

Great Show!

Awesome initiative, Malini! A platform for women to share their unique journey. Keep going!


Finally, there is a podcast that has topics I can relate to! Well done, Malini! Proud of you.


I love it! It's amazing that women all around the world can come on and talk about how they inspire other people.

Love the Energy

Awesome vision and work by Malini! Looking forward to having every country represented by an inspiring woman.

Women Roar

Maria’s story was so inspirational, as are all of your podcast episodes. I truly enjoy the power in the decisions that women make for themselves and their families. The diversity of backgrounds, dreams, and realities is most intriguing. You are a great host and I look forward to your future episodes.

Inspiring podcast!

Love hearing all the inspirational women who are using their life experiences to push through both personal and societal boundaries to make the world a better place. True gladiators! 💪🏽

I am a woman: Gladiatrix

Awesome work, Malini. Look forward to hearing all the stories!

I am woman Gladiatrix

Congrats Malini! Salute your courage and strength in sharing your story

GladiatriX with Malini Sarma

This Roars loud with me. I am enjoying the tone of the podcast… discovering and celebrating people stepping out of the box and creating their own paths and sucesses


If you are someone looking for courage to step outside your box, and pursue a new path; listening to Francis Taylor’s journey will certainly inspire you. Enjoyed listening to the well conducted interview by host..