Sept. 17, 2020

Happiness is a Choice with Greta Kesa

Happiness is a Choice with Greta Kesa

18 - Greta is a passionate problem solver who loves to speak up and make things happen.

Greta Kesa is originally from Lithuania and is now working in Malaysia with a passion for leadership and developing others at MindValley.

5.5 months into being Customer Support Specialist, she got an opportunity to lead the whole department and become responsible for Customer Support operations and people management in Mindvalley. One year after, her responsibility level extended to Customer Success/Experience where her main goal is to cooperate with other stakeholders within a company to solve main customers' pain points.

Greta is especially interested in leadership and people empowerment, she has been actively writing her insights and sharing stories on LinkedIn

In additional to that, Greta is working on online courses in Lithuania, pivoting her own upcoming Happiness Coaching Program, performs Bollywood dances and leads Zumba lessons as licensed instructor.

Greta adores and express herself through yellow color, and believes that it represents optimism, brightness and faith in her life.

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