Feb. 11, 2021

How Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) fulfills Mandeep Kaur

How Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) fulfills Mandeep Kaur
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37 - Mandeep Kaur is an e-commerce seller who successfully left her full-time (9-5) job during
Covid-19 to manage and expand her e-commerce business.

Mandeep Kaur is a 42 year old mom of 3 who stumbled upon e-commerce in 2019 after feeling frustration from the lack of opportunities at her 9-5 job.  After launching 2 failed products, her 3rd product took off.

Did you know 50% of products sold on Amazon are by 3rd party sellers like her?
Mandeep uses Amazon's FBA model (Fulfilled by Amazon) to manage and scale her e-
commerce business.

With no knowledge or experience in e-commerce prior to this, there was a huge learning curve, but her persistence paid off.  She’s now expanding her reach to try to get more BIPOC into this space through her YouTube Channel.

In this episode she provides advice to people interested in e-commerce and how to get into “non-traditional” careers.

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