Mexico Episodes

June 27, 2021

An Autism Ally with Raquel Rojas

Raquel was born and raised in Mexico but now lives in Switzerland. For the longest time she always wondered why she felt like she never belonged. When her son was diagnosed with Austism, she realized she needed to learn more about Autism starting with getting herself tested. In this episode Raquel talks about being an ally to the Autism community, how she started her business and learning to look at life from a different perspective. This is her story.


May 30, 2021

Breaking generational curses with Evie Prete

Evie Prete is a chingona born and brought up in Southern California but her mother came over from Mexico. Even though money was tight, education was important and Evie was the first one in her family to go to college. In this episode Evie talks about being the only one of two women of color in her college engineering class, finding the courage to leave an abusive relationship and starting her own business. This is her story.

Mexico First Generation

February 25, 2021

Transforming Lives with Charlie Johnson Stoever

Charlie is a nonbinary Mexican-American former stock broker, money coach and Social Impact MBA student at the Heller School and is working and studying remotely in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They help mostly lgbt & bipoc folks...