Oct. 14, 2020

Pay off your debt before you turn 30 - How she did it with Melissa Neacato

Pay off your debt before you turn 30 - How she did it with Melissa Neacato
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22 - In this episode we are speaking with Melissa Neacato.

Melissa is a Speaker, writer, and coach.

She has a vision that with more information college students don't need to graduate drowning in debt. 

A vision that parents who wish to, can take a year off to spend time with their newborn children. 

 As a 33 year-old wife and mother of two.  She was the mastermind in planning her families debt pay off plan.  Together her family paid off over 100k in debt in just 3.5 yrs and saved their first 100k by the age of 28.  She writes about her goals to reach financial independence by 40. 

She thinks financial education is vital to creating the life you want.

She earned a Mechanical Engineer degree and worked in the aerospace industry as a

continuous improvement leader, which focuses on improving processes.

As a minimalist and Zero waster, she keeps things simple and straightforward, no unnecessary steps here.

Traveling Wallet is about helping families say no to the waste and say yes to the value. Figuring out money so that you feel secure enough to live your adventurous unique life.

She believes in the power of slow immersive travel and that everyone should create a financial position to take mini- retirements. 

She enjoys rock climbing even thought she's afraid of heights. 

She shares her ideas and thoughts on her blog www.Travelingwallet.com. and cohosts a podcast with fellow entrepreneurs at Her enterpRISE.  She also shares as a Speaker on  Personal Finance and Minimalism.

Best place to start a conversation with Melissa 

website: www.travelingwallet.com


 Instagram: https://instagram.com/travelingwalletroamer

Info for her enterprise


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