Sept. 28, 2021

How to use the power of words for change With Ritika of Practicalbloggers

How to use the power of words for change With Ritika of Practicalbloggers

Ritika was born in India but like she says raised in both Bollywood and Hollywood. She talks about her experiences growing up as a South Asian immigrant, dealing with expectations and learning to read the signs that allows her to follow her dream. This is her story

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In today's episode we are speaking with Ritika of PracticalBloggers.
Ritika says:
I'm not an extrovert. I went from recovering people pleaser, former shy kid to being known as someone who can "make a dead man talk."

With over 7+ years of Relationship Building experience in Sales working for Technology companies in the Silicon Valley, she has helped businesses earn millions and have served major clients like Eventbrite, Google etc.

"Don't tell anyone your secrets!" they'd say. "Lord forbid, what if they do it better than you?!"

Immigrant communities at large are pretty hush-hush about sharing #hacks. Growing up in Mumbai and Los Angeles, she used to share freely. Apparently, this was a problem, because the competition was REAL. 

Her response to such advice led to the creation of my travel + wellness blog in March 2021, Practical Bloggers. Her coaching program, The P.O.I.S.E.D 360 Method, followed suit. Her mission is to enhance your holistic confidence with healthy people skills. Because she believes that restoring the relationship we have with ourselves is central to restoring your interpersonal + community relationships.Our words give us the power to change ourselves.

She also says:
"I've embarrassed myself enough in social settingsto be honored to provide for you the tools to start your journey into confidence and reclaim the incredible human being you already are! I've been an international student in India, London, and the United States pivoted my career by obtaining 2 coaching certifications to help you through your transformation. "

Ritika can be reached via