May 22, 2021

Figuring out life with Karishma Asthana

Figuring out life with Karishma Asthana

Karishma Asthana is a young professional of Indian origin born and brought up in the US. Her mother was born and brought up in India but her father was brought up in Africa. Karishma is the host of the newly minted podcast Missteps to Success. In this episode she talks about learning to make life decisions on her own, leading a disability awareness program and learning the importance of being financially independent. This is her story.

Karishma is an experienced cybersecurity professional and passionate advocate for persons with disabilities. She is a generalist but has a love for creating community in all that she does.

 Currently, she hosts a podcast, Missteps to Success, which explores stories of failure.

 Looking ahead, she aims to live life in a way which views life’s opportunities as new experiences, instead of things she has to get right.