July 18, 2021

Carrying the torch with Carolina Flores

Carrying the torch with Carolina Flores

Carolina Flores was born in El Salvador and moved to the United States when she was 4. Watching her parents work multiple jobs inspired her to work hard as well. In this episode she talks about learning marketing at the age of 14, using real estate to build generational wealth and why she needs to carry the torch

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Carolina Flores is an opportunity amplifier.

During her corporate tenure she is best known for being a solutions specialist who can bring together multiple stakeholders cross-functionally to drive change and implement solutions in Fortune 500 companies like Citi, Time Warner and Cablevision.

She navigates the unknown as a visionary with blue sky picture thinking. Multiplying opportunities is her super-power because she has a proven track record to ideate and implement practical scalable solutions. Her relatable down-to-earth demeanor and a full force of positive energy enables her to motivate others and inspire change.

Currently Carolina is a VP of Marketing & Advertising at Citi.

Carolina is passionate about diversity, equality and inclusion and empowering marginalized communities.

Her work as an adjunct professor allows her to empower and inspire graduate level marketers to lead with purpose and inclusivity.

To help empower marginalized communities, she founded Market Match Real Estate in June 2021, whose mission is to help others build generational wealth through real estate.

She holds an MBA from St. Joseph's College, a Bachelor of Administration in Marketing Management from Baruch College.

Most recently has enrolled in Touro Law as a 1L part-time weekend student to aid her mission and north star.