Aug. 8, 2021

How you can start over in your 50's with Dr Severine Bryan

How you can start over in your 50's with Dr Severine Bryan

Dr.Sev Bryan was born and raised in Jamaica but moved to the US in her late 20's. Having a passion for personal finance led her on a path to teaching and a doctorate in Accounting. When a divorce forced her to put into the practice the very concepts she was teaching, she decided to help other women starting out others especially in their 40's and 50's

Dr. Severine Bryan is a Financial Empowerment Educator who is zealous about
financial literacy. She believes that we begin to solve personal finance problems
when we start with addressing our money mindset. What are the childhood
experiences that trigger how we approach money?

Dr. Sev’s personal motto is “anything is possible with a plan”. After going through
a divorce at age 53 and walking away from the home she owned for 13 years, she
rebuilt her credit from the low 500s to mid-700s. She was able to grow a five-
figure emergency fund and rebuild a negative net worth into six figures in just over
4 years after her divorce. Dr. Sev’s financial rebuild also included paying off $24k
in student loans in under 16 months, post-divorce. If that were not enough, she
completed her doctoral degree at age 56.

The foremost goal for Dr. Sev is to assist as many women as possible to realize
their money superpower and help them walk in financial freedom. Every Sunday at
7:30pm EST, she can be found sharing personal finance tips and tools on her
YouTube channel: Dr. Sev Talks Money. She is a member of the Association for
Financial Counseling and Planning Education® and is currently pursuing the
Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) certification.