Dec. 3, 2020

Breaking barriers and building bridges with Rep. Padma Kuppa

Breaking barriers and building bridges with Rep. Padma Kuppa
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29 - State Rep. Padma Kuppa is serving her first term in the Michigan House of Representatives and has been re-elected to a second term representing Michigan’s 41st House District, which encompasses the cities of Troy and Clawson. She currently serves as Assistant Minority Whip for the House Democrats.

Prior to this, her career as an engineer and project manager spanned the automotive, financial, and IT industries. Kuppa has also been a civic leader, volunteering with the PTA, founding the Troy-area Interfaith Group, and serving on Troy’s Planning Commission. She is currently President of the Troy Historical Society and a board member of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion.

Rep. Kuppa currently champions issues for several legislative caucuses, including Labor, Education, and Mental Health. She serves as Co-Chair of the Progressive Women’s Caucus Equal Pay Task Force, Co-Chair of the Asian-Pacific American Caucus, and Historian of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus. Rep. Kuppa is also a member of the MiSTEM Council and Governor Whitmer’s Prescription Drug Task Force.

She is the first Indian immigrant and Hindu in the Michigan Legislature.

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