July 30, 2020

Seven years in the making with Maya Jain and Malini Sarma

Seven years in the making with Maya Jain and Malini Sarma
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11 -  This is episode number 11. This is a check in episode. I want to know how you are liking the show and if any of the shows resonate with you.

This episode tells you how this amazing trip in 2019 to South America happened. I also invited my sister Maya Jain (@caffeneinatedfreespirit) to be on the show since this was our first girls trip EVER.  

Besides being an amazing sister Maya is quite talented. She has worn many hats having been a banker, marketer, editor, entrepreneur and a writer. She is also an avid traveller, takes awesome pictures, a coffee addict, a bibliophile, chocoholic, a feminist and always speaks her truth.

Killa Expeditions
Museo Larco
Maachu Pichu
Mantra Indian Cuisine

There are 193 countries in the world as recognized by the United Nations. As a passionate traveller I would love to travel to all of those countries.  However due to the COVID situation it is probably best I stay home but thankfully due to technology I can always reach out to people anywhere in the world.

I have a goal of hosting at least one  guest and her inspiring story from every country in the world. 

If you know of someone from anywhere in the world who has an inspirational story to tell, please do reach out to me.

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