July 23, 2020

Mastering Your Monday with Mischelle O'Neal

Mastering Your Monday with Mischelle O'Neal
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10 - Mischelle O’Neal is the Founder of Mastering Your Monday, LLC, a lifestyle Enrichment Firm.
She has valiantly served her country and is a retired United States Air Force Veteran. Mischelle continued her career as a civil servant working for various federal government agencies.
Having the opportunity to serve, with over twenty-eight years of experience and expertise with the military, has been paramount in the development of the living M.A.T. Technique™.Inspired by a desire to help women overcome personal and professional challenges, Mastering Your Monday, LLC, was created to assist women in developing a more balanced, productive lifestyle and have a failproof system for navigating the unexpected challenges we often experience and orchestrate that “pivotal fresh start”, one Monday at a time.

Mischelle is the author of 2 books.
Mastering your Monday is available to purchase on Amazon and https://masteringyourmonday.com/mymbook/
Mischelle's newest book is called I'll Make it Through; Managing life when all hell breaks loose is available for preorder on July 27th 2020 https://MasteringYourMonday.com/MakeItThrough