June 5, 2021

Being Chief Happiness Officer with Trish Ahjel Roberts

Being Chief Happiness Officer with Trish Ahjel Roberts

Trish Ahjel Roberts is a Self Actualization coach and a Happiness expert. She left her corporate job in finance and sales to author three self help books. In this episode she talks about what prompted her to leave her corporate job, the affirmation that she uses everyday and the steps to mind blowing happiness. This is her story.

Trish Ahjel Roberts is a Self-Actualization Coach and Happiness Expert with a background in Corporate Sales, Finance, Buddhism and Yoga. She is the founder of Mind-Blowing Happiness LLC and Black Vegan Life™.

Trish was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and holds an MBA from Long Island University. She is the author of three self-help books: the e-book, Mind-Blowing Happiness™ Guide to Self-Care; the self-help memoir, Thinking Outside the Chrysalis: A Black Woman's Guide to Spreading Her Wings; and the inspirational journal, 12 Steps to Mind-Blowing Happiness: A Journal of Insights, Quotes & Questions to Juice Up Your Journey.

Trish has over a decade of Buddhist study at Kadampa Meditation Center in Atlanta, GA and over twenty years of yoga experience.